Medical Weight Loss

At Hutton Medical patients are assessed comprehensively in an initial consultation by Dr. Michelle Hutton.

Any medical conditions contributing to abnormal weight gain are investigated for and treated before embarking on Weight Loss Medications or Programmes.

Both our Doctors work closely with our Dietician Liezel Koekemoer. Liezel Assists with Inbody 120 weight assessments and customized meal | lifestyle plans for our patients.


The Slender Wonder Medical Weight Loss Programme can only be done through the network of accredited Slender Wonder Doctors.

Slender Wonder is a formula based on a low GI eating plan, together with Slender Wonder products as well as a series of B-HCG injections.

Depending on one’s starting weight, results have shown that most individuals lose up to 4-7kg in the first month. Results may vary and are patient specific.

Once the maintenance phase is reached, leptin sensitivity will be restored and this will help you to maintain your new weight PROVIDED you continue to follow a healthy lifestyle.

The system is proven to ensure the loss of non structural “bad” fat and not a reduction in kilograms due to the loss of muscle and water.

Treatment Protocol:

Initial consultation with Dr. Hutton

  • 1 hour
  • Medical History and examination
  • Consent forms signed
  • Measurements taken
  • Photographs taken
  • All SW products given and explained to patient
  • Booster injection given

2 week follow up with Liezel Koekemoer, Dietician

  • 20 minutes
  • Measurements taken

1 month follow up

  • 20 minutes
  • Measurements taken
  • Booster injection given
  • Month 2 SW products given to patient

Thereafter monthly follow ups and product provision until goal weight is reached.

Please note:

Slender Wonder products are only supplied to Slender Wonder patients who are following the protocol through Hutton Medical Wellness Centre.

For patients on holiday in Plettenberg Bay needing SW products the following is required:

  • A prescription from your existing Slender Wonder Medical Doctor stating which products are needed and the duration thereof.