ESPRIT IV SPORT Pre-Race Hydra Boost

The Pre-Race Hydra Boost drip contains a cocktail of nutrients essential in the efficient functioning of nerve and muscle tissue. These include B Vitamins, Magnesium and some Vitamin C, suspended in a 1000ml sterile electrolyte drip.
This drip is a hydration booster due to its large amount of fluid that contains electrolytes and some glucose. It takes approximately 30-60 minutes to run in, and is best used as a booster before races or competition or competing. It is best infused 1-2 days before you compete.

Health Benefits of SPORT PRE-RACE HTDRA BOOST , linked to its ingredients can include:
Boosting of the immune system
Metabolic support
Exercise uses up and depletes our store of Vitamin C and the Vitamin Bs, and can leave you feeling fatigued and prone to illness just before you race. This drip can be very helpful in restoring energy levels and supporting your immune system.

Be aware that this drip should NOT be given to people with cardiac fluid overload or kidney compromise.

Price: R950

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Dr Hutton / Dr Maree
30 minutes