Mole Removal

Moles are assessed and diagnosed under magnification by a Medical Doctor. Depending on the type of mole, they can be removed by 1 of 3 procedures:

​1- Lamprobe® removal

  • Small / non cancerous / superficial moles
  • Done under local anaesthetic injection

2- Shave Biopsy

  • The mole is ‘shaved’ off the skin under local anaesthetic injection and sent to the Laboratory for histology

3- Excision Biopsy

  • Suspicious moles are excised under local anaesthetic injection and sent to the Laboratory for histology.
  • All suspicious moles are sent to the laboratory for further testing.
  • If any mole is clinically cancerous, or histology of the biopsy comes back cancerous, complete excisions with margins are done by our in-house Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Martin Kelly.


  • Avoid medications and substances that might increase bleeding / bruising 2-3 days prior to removal (anti-inflammatories / omega 3 / alcohol)
  • Inform the Doctor if you are on any anti-coagulant medications.
  • Inform the Doctor if you have any allergies to local anaesthetics.


  • Apply an antibiotic cream (bactroban / fucidin) to affected area twice a day for 5 days.
  • Change the dressing of the wound daily for 3 days.
  • Thereafter apply micropore tape daily to the wound and allow periods of drying.
  • Do not pick at any wound / scab – this will result in scarring.
  • If stitches were placed follow the recommended follow up removal times:
    • Face: Remove stitches in 5 days
    • Upper body / upper limbs: Remove stitches in 7 days
    • Lower limbs: Remove stitches in 10 days
  • Inform the practice of any signs of infection of the wound: redness / pain that is worsening / pus / swelling that is worsening.
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