AQ Skin Solutions Growth Factor Induced Therapy (GFIT)

AQ Skin Solution’s Growth Factor technology produces human growth factors and utilizes them in topical cosmeceuticals for skin, hair follicles and vaginal walls.

At out Centre we utilize the AQ Skin Solution Dermastamp to deliver potent growth factors into facial and scalp skin. Growth factors are reparative and regenerative. They are ideal for photodamaged skin, poor skin barriers and sensitive skins and are used as a preventative treatments for patients with good skin.

Treatment targets:


  • Delivered to the skin by means of a microneedling device or dermastamp.


  • AQ Skin Solutions Hair Complex is injected via a Dermastamp into the area of hair loss. 5 sessions are required, 1 week apart. Depending on severity of the hair loss, the patient then undergoes a 2 month break, and then repeats 5 more sessions.
  • The benefits of this Advanced Hair Complex are the following:
    • Designed to help prevent hair loss
    • May rejuvenate damaged hair follicles
    • Aims to improve hair quality and texture
    • Helps to restore healthy hair growth cycles
    • Can increase circulation and nutrition to scalp and hair follicles
    • Unique dual functionality for home-use and professional treatment


  • AQ’s Vaginal Rejuvenation System is a serum formulated with Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media. It contains no hormones.
  • It assists with vaginal dryness and irritation, tightens and lubricates vaginal walls and enhances female sexual arousal and intercourse.
  • Retail Home applicators available at the Centre.


  • AQ’s Endo-Test is a topical serum which aims to combat reduced testosterone by using peptide-specific signalling technology to boost the body’s natural production of the hormone. Suitable for both men and women with low levels of testosterone.
  • Endotest is stocked at our Centre.


  • AQ’s Recovery serum assist with the healing process of wounds (including burns) and scars.
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