Liezel Koekemoer

Liezel Koekemoer is a qualified registered dietitian who graduated from PU for CHE (Northwest University) in 2003 whereafter she completed her community service year in 2004 in Port Elizabeth.  She is registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa and ADSA (Association for Dietetics in South Africa).  She has been in Private Practise in Johannesburg for the past 17 years, where she worked in Private Hospitals consulting both in and out patients.

She has a special interest in the management of Critical Care patients in ICU and Highcare and also treating patients for Pre and Post op Nutrition to better the outcome and recovery process after each procedure.  This includes Oral nutritional supplementation , Enteral nutrition and Parenteral Nutrition.

She has treated a wide variety of conditions with dietary management, eg. diabetes, cardio vascular disease, renal impairment, Inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, weight management , etc.

She does discovery vitality assessments and uses the Inbody 120 scale that applies a quantitive value to the different components of the body.  These values represent the weight of each compositional component that compromises the examinees total body weight.

Her aim is to help individuals make lifestyle changes to suit their lifestyle to better the health and quality of life with an individual tailored plan for each patient according to there needs.   Keeping in mind that no one person is the same and often different approaches needs to be taken for each patient.  She feels strongly about healthy diet to manage certain diseases and improve all over well being.