At Hutton Medical Wellness Centre we assess and manage basic Dermatological conditions.

Patients are assessed by Dr. Michelle Hutton and managed accordingly. ​Any cases requiring Specialist Dermatological management will be referred appropriately or discussed with a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon in the area.

The cases we encounter and manage often are:

  • Acne (all grades)
  • Eczema / dermatitis
  • Rosacea
  • Infective skin conditions (bacterial / viral / fungal)
  • Scalp skin conditions
  • Abscesses / boils
  • Solar keratosis
  • Requiring liquid nitrogen
  • Benign skin lesions
  • Warts
  • Skin tags
  • Milia
  • Angiomas
  • Facial spider veins
  • Moles

Please note:

We do not offer comprehensive machine orientated mole mapping. Patients with numerous suspicious moles will be referred to a Specialist Dermatologist for this if required.